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Times Square at bight

World Trade Center

McDonalds, Times Square

Broome Street NYC

Station in Lower manhattan

Snug Harbor, SI

Penn Station, Hudson News

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


Bleeker Street Station

Dental Office Audubon Mural

Under the 6 line, Bronx

Long Island City, Queens

Richmond, Staten Island

Long Island City, Queens#1

Queen Borough Plaza, Queens

Westchester Avenue, Bronx #2

Greene Street, Soho, NY

Westchester Avenue, Bronx #3

Roosevelt Avenue, Queens

Food Court in Grand Central Station

Roosevelt Avenue,Queens #2

Bensonhurst Neighborhood, Brooklyn

Long Island City Yankuel Taxi Medalion Leasing

Metro Station at 53rd and Lexington Avenue

J Line

Long Island City PS#1

Metro Station C Line and 81st Street

Broadway and 125th Street NYC

Aladan Theater Times Square

Alley Tribecca NYC

Soho Window #2

Gaqabus Queens BQE

Bay Blvd Subway Station Queens

J Elevated Train Queens

Greenwich Village

Loes Concession Stand in Murry Hill

Bird Painting 149th Street

Jackkson Heights

Refugio Audubon Mural

Dental Arts Audubon Mural

Retail Space Audubon Mural

Blue Bird Audubon Mural

Blue Building Audubon Mural

Cosby Street Mural