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World Trade Center

McDonalds, Times Square

Broome Street NYC

Station in Lower manhattan

Snug Harbor, SI

Penn Station, Hudson News

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


Bleeker Street Station

Under the 6 line, Bronx

Long Island City, Queens

Richmond, Staten Island

Long Island City, Queens#1

Queen Borough Plaza, Queens

Westchester Avenue, Bronx #2

Greene Street, Soho, NY

Westchester Avenue, Bronx #3

Roosevelt Avenue, Queens

Food Court in Grand Central Station

Roosevelt Avenue,Queens #2

Bensonhurst Neighborhood, Brooklyn

Long Island City Yankuel Taxi Medalion Leasing

Metro Station at 53rd and Lexington Avenue

J Line

Long Island City PS#1

Metro Station C Line and 81st Street

Broadway and 125th Street NYC

Aladan Theater Times Square

Alley Tribecca NYC

Soho Window #2

Gaqabus Queens BQE

Bay Blvd Subway Station Queens

J Elevated Train Queens

Greenwich Village

Loes Concession Stand in Murry Hill

Bird Painting 149th Street

Jackkson Heights